Singing can be said to be my job and writing songs is probably the artistic practice that best suits me but poetry has always been my true secret love, since adolescence …Ironic and other more introspective compositions, aphorisms, sonnets and small thoughts finally collected, after twenty years, in an editorial work that almost sums up my life up to now. I have tried to convey in the poem the innate sensitivity and rhythmic sense that are typical of my songs. My style, my rhymes or my assonances, while well-groomed, tend to favor the communicative intent over delusions of metric and literary scholastic finiteness. I hate the purists of literary school but when I re-read my works, the emotional transport and the fluidity of the verses are my priorities to qualify it; eliciting a smile, a tear, a grimace from the reader is the goal and not to amaze academics with artifices and redundancies. On this page you will find only a few “pills of poetry” which are not part of the book which you can download online (more info in the News section). I’m curious to know what you think about it …

“Piano Ripenso”

A quando radioso
muoveva il tuo sguardo
per nulla diverso
dal mio a un altro viso,
parendomi un astro
che ruota improvviso
e illumina altrove
di sè l’universo.
A quando per caso
tornava d’incanto,
piano ripenso…
e allora mi calmo
cosi come il mare
che prima, se piove,
s’ingoia la gente
alzandosi in volo
e piovendo al contrario
dell’acqua del cielo…
ma poi ce la rende,
a riva, col sole,
e sta li come agli occhi
sta l’acqua del cuore.

Moncalieri, December 1995